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The adventure of genuine flavor starts in a green fields at Kıbet Farm. It is expertly shaped and carefully prepared for you at every step.

55 Years of

Art of Flavor

Kıbet, the leading meat producer of Cyprus, continues to bring its quality products to consumers since 1997.

Cyprus's Leading Brand


In order to bring the taste and quality in the meat and meat products to the standards set by the world, it aims to increase its production to the next level. Our target; is to give quality, hygiene and trust to our consumers in our works, production and service.

We provide all of our raw materials from the cattle and small cattle, which are fed from the unique natural environment of TRNC. In addition to carcass and fresh meat, we are expanding our range day by day with sujuk, salami, sausage, jambon, meatballs, burgers and ready-made fresh meat suitable for the Turkish Cypriot taste.

As Kıb-et, we wish you to enjoy the products we produce with our 55 years of experience.

  • Healthy production
  • Halal cut
  • International quality certificate
  • Professional team
Leading the sector, Kıbet continues to develop new products that will make daily life easier.


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Production in accordance with the world’s most advanced standards

Modern Production

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  • Halal

Combining high technology with Turkish taste, Kıbet creates the same standard in all its products and catches the perfect taste. Kıbet, makes the slicing and packaging of the delicatessen products untouched. For this reason, it is a brand that makes a difference in the sector in terms of hygiene and quality.

We are one step away!

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  • Beşparmaklar Caddesi No:181, 99370, Çatalköy/Girne
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