• 6 large washed and peeled potatoes
  • 6 large pieces of KIBET lamb
  • Salt / Pepper
  • 12 bay leaves


Put the meat and potatoes on the baking tray and add the salt, pepper, thyme and bay leaves. Add enough water to fill the baking tray and cover the baking tray with foil paper and place it in the oven that has been opened for two hours beforehand. In order not to let the heat go out, thoroughly roll the mud. Cook the tomatoes and meat for at least 5-6 hours. Serve hot with salad and yogurt.

Note: Your food will not be cooked if the temperature / smoke comes out from any part of the oven or the oven remains open.

Note 2: This dish can also be made in the oven. Heat the oven at 200 degrees and cook for two hours. After 2 hours, you can check whether it is cooked and close the foil again.

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